Flix Around Anus

The most common condition that causes flix and bad smell around the anus is Fistula. If we take look how and why it develops, we will see that at first it develops as a result of occlusion in the secretory glands in anus area.  As a result of this occlusion, it may cause these secretions to flow under the skin and become infectious. In case this infection is not diagnosed and emptied, it will flow under the skin and causes the development of a canal starting from the large bowel to the exit of the skin. Usually, a flix that is like stool flows from this canal. It is a disease that must be treated quickly and can be treated with laser and Seton methods.

Also, chronic anal fissures, warts known as condyloma and haemorrhoid can cause flix in anus area.

In order to determine the cause of the flix and plan the treatment, a physician must examine the patient.
If necessary, imaging methods like MRI can be used for diagnosis and the treatment plan will be organised accordingly.

Pain and swelling in the anus

Swelling in anus may depend on a lot of diseases. Considering only haemorrhoid is wrong and you must visit a specialist general surgeon. Swelling in anus, usually causes a lot of pain. It can easily be detected by the patient, but usually patients try to treat it in a wrong way.

Diseases That Cause Swelling In Anus
Anal hematoma (clot accumulation in anus)

Coronary haemorrhoid (strangulated haemorrhoid)

Anal apse, infection

Anal hematoma – swelling in anus depending on blood accumulation;

Clot accumulation in anus area is a common condition and caused by haemorrhoid.

The disease can be seen at every age group and gender. The majority of the swellings in anus area in children are caused by clot accumulations.  The most common cause of clot accumulation is straining. When the straining pressure applied to the anus area goes beyond the level that it can take, some of the capillary vessels explode and that causes bleeding under the skin. The bleeding continues until the pressure in the vessels and the blood that flows to the tissues are equal and it stops when clots are formed. The size of the swelling depends on the amount of straining and the severity of the pains depends on the size of the hematoma. It can be the size of a lentil or an orange.

Coronary Haemmerrhoid;
Normally there are haemorrhoids at different severities that does not bother the individual. However, one day it swells a lot and causes irresistible pain. The cause is again like the clot accumulation in the anus. It can be treated by emptying it, removing it with haemorrhoid surgery or leaving it to recover on its own.

Anal apse;
The infection may develop depending on occlusion in the anus and after that, apses develop, if not treated. Severity of the pain depends on the depth and size of the apse and it can be irresistible. It must be emptied immediately with a surgical operation. Emptying it with injectors or waiting for it to recover on its own causes fistula development.

Usually anal fissures only cause pain and bleeding, but they do not cause other health problems. However, an apse may cause serious complication that can even cause death.

Also, anus cancer may cause painful scars.
Therefore; severe pain in anus area requires examination by a doctor.