Hollywood Cheek

Hollywood Cheek
Facial shape is one of the most important factors in providing facial beauty and attraction. For this reason, the facial shape where the cheeks, jaw, and other parts of the face are in proportion with a definite ratio called the golden ratio has become popular. One of the most important criteria in the golden ratio is that the cheek and jaw form a triangular shape. Thus, the face looks more aesthetically pleasing, more attractive, and younger.

Cheek aesthetics, also known as the Hollywood cheek, is a process of giving a triangular appearance to the face when the facial contours are angular and the fat pads are excessive on the cheeks. This procedure is carried out by sharpening the cheek by removing the excess fat from the cheek to augment the cheekbones and make the facial contours more proportional. Very satisfactory outcomes in terms of aesthetics are being achieved via Hollywood cheek, which is preferred in the USA, especially by world-famous Hollywood stars.

Cheek Aesthetics Leaving No Scar
Hollywood cheek surgery is based on the principle of removing excess fat from the cheeks through a one cm incision that is opened inside the mouth. There are no incision marks on the face after this application.

Physician Experience is Important for Successful Surgery
The experience of the surgeon has critical importance in this operation which appears to be simple. The amount of fat to be taken to proportion the cheeks and jaw and facial contours to form a triangular shape tailored for the person and the care taken with the small sutures in the mouth after surgery in order not to feel discomfort are directly proportional to the surgeon's experience.

Who is This Operation Suitable For?
This operation provides the opportunity to achieve excellent outcomes, especially in young women. Women in the 20-30 age group, who genetically have a chubby, round, or square facial appearance, or who have round and wide and saggy cheeks with excessive fat can look constantly tired and older than they are. Due to these fat pads and the cubby facial appearance, the slightest stress, sadness and fatigue make the person look more exhausted than they actually are. Therefore, anyone who has thick, square or round face contours due to the fat in the cheek area can easily have this surgical procedure. Cheek aesthetics, known as Hollywood cheek, not only provides the patients with a younger appearance, but also a slim and extremely attractive face with distinctive and aesthetic lines.

Post-Operation Recovery Process
Liquid foods should be preferred on the first day as there are small stitches in the cheek area in the mouth. The next day, you can gradually switch to normal food. In addition, it is necessary to keep the sutures sterile with mouthwash for the first 3 days. Since the small sutures cause almost no pain in the stitched area, the patients sometimes forget that they have sutures in the mouth. Following the surgery, the sutures are completely dissolved on their own within a few days. The slight tenderness in the cheek area also disappears within a few days; most patients can even resume social activities immediately after surgery. The application's effects become visible within 3 weeks. After this treatment, the person will have a younger face structure with more prominent slim lines.

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