Frequently Asked Questions
How can I schedule an appointment?

You can contact the International Patient Center via telephone, Whatsapp or e-mail. Moreover, you may fill out the enquiry form

Are my family members or friends allowed to accompany me during the appointments and hospital stay?

We are pleased to assist you with 1 (one) accompanying person in the hospital. If you have more than 1 accompany we will assist to arrange accommodation for them too. In that case, please do not forget to inform our team before your arrival

Do you have foreign languages support?

Most of our doctors are bilingual (generally Turkish and English). Moreover International Patient Center representatives are fluent in English, Greek, Russian, and Arabic. Additionally, our team can get support from Near East University Translation and Interpretation Office for non-listed languages.

When arranging an appointment, what information must I provide? Which documents should I bring with me?

When scheduling an appointment, please have the following information and documents below:

Name (as shown on your passport) , Date of birth, Address, Passport, all the relevant medical reports & records including epicrisis, X-rays, MRI/ CT/ PET CT images and reports, lab test results.

For Plastic Surgery patients, photographs of the treatment areas may be asked too.

What is the cost for a surgery or procedure?

The cost varies even for patients with the same healthcare problems. Estimated charges are based on the doctor’s treatment plan. Medical reports must be reviewed by a doctor in order for a treatment plan to be determined specifically for your unique healthcare needs.

Can you write a letter for me to apply for a Visa?

First of all, we have to get a doctor to accept your case and give us a treatment plan. As soon as we receive the estimated charges for recommended treatment, we will write a letter indicating that you have paid the estimated fees and that you are scheduled for an appointment. This information is a “must” before you can obtain a visa, if a letter is required.

What should I do before travel?

Please get a copy of all your medical records and a list of your medications that you are currently taking. If you have, bring CDs and diagnostic films from past medical procedures.

Contact the International Patient Center Representative to schedule your airport pickup and accommodation arrangements. Do not forget to send copy or picture of your flight tickets

Contact your embassy to obtain the appropriate visa.

Obtain a credit card that can be used internationally.